All prints are printed on the highest quality Photo Printers using archival quality inks and papers.  
Pricing is available on the individual proofing galleries.


Paula travels all over the country doing private photo shoots for farms and individuals.  

For shoots in and around the Pensacola area,  Paula C Photography is running a special $150.00 for
approximately one hour photo shoot.  These sessions are great for family portraits and for pet portrait
sessions.   The photos are provided to the client in hight resolution, processed form and the client will
receive approximately a hundred or so photos.  

A per day photo shoot charge of $500 plus travel expenses is charged for all shoots more than two
hours from the Pensacola, FL area.  Each day the client receives a full day of shooting an unlimited
number of horses/animals/people.  These pictures are then processed and returned to the client
generally within a one to two week time period on a DVD format.  The client can then print the
pictures themselves at a local high quality photo lab or Paula C Photography will be happy to print
them through our lab.  While Paula C Photography retains copyright of these photos, the client has
full lifetime usage rights for them for web, print, or advertising usage.  A typical shoot yields several
hundred usable prints per day.  

For smaller shoots at shooting locations within two hours of Pensacola, Florida please call for specific
pricing information.  


Paula C Photography is happy to shoot horse shows of many different types throughout the USA.  
Paula has shot shows ranging from the prestigious Pebble Beach CDI*** to a Schooling Show
Championship in Kansas City.  Please call for details if you would like information on having Paula C
Photography at a show near you.
Contact, Proofs and Pricing Information
Proofs are available upon request to Paula C Photography or at
Proof Site  

If you are in the Pensacola area all photos can also be ordered and printed
directly from the photographer.   I use a high quality lab Laser Images located
on Creighton Rd.  in Pensacola, FL.
Paula C Photography
4020 King Arthur Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32514

Phone:  (850) 474-9721         
Cell:  (850) 525-2543