I've been taking pictures professionally for about twenty years now (gasp)
and I hope that my passion for photography comes through in my pictures.  
I really like to capture emotion in my images and the beauty of whatever I'm

I started taking pictures when I was about ten years old with my dad's old
Leica IIIc  which he purchased when he was in the service in Europe during
the second World War.   As you can imagine, this camera doesn't even use
batteries and requires a hand held light meter so it taught me a lot about
light and really using a camera.   My dad built me a darkroom when I was
about thirteen and I was able to start doing my own developing and playing
with images at that time.

I've been fascinated (read obsessed) by photographing horses since the
beginning of my photographic career.  When I was just ten I used to go
down the road and stand at a local barn and take hundreds and hundreds of
pictures of their horses all the time.   They must have thought I was a very
odd child :).   I never had the opportunity to ride myself until my twenties
when my dreams came true and I bought my first horse Kestrel (after
having a grand total of one riding lesson!)   I was incredibly lucky and
Kestrel turned out to be a fabulous pony who I learned to ride, jump, and
eventually do dressage and event on.  

My first photo sale was to Farnam for a Flymask advertisement. After that
followed a number of calendars, trade journals, and other various free lance

I did take a few years off from photography to attend law school and I
actually practiced law for several years.  I couldn't deny my "inner art"
however and I have taken a temporary hiatus from practicing law to do
professional photography full time again.  "Temporary" has now gone on for
about seven years so it remains to be seen how temporary it will really be :)

In the past few years in addition to doing equine and pet photography I
have expanded to doing weddings, engagements, and portrait photography.  
 Why?  Because I wanted to expand my photographic knowledge.  And it
really has made me a better photographer even of equine subjects in many
ways.   It has definitely made me expand some of the specialized
photoshopping techniques.  And besides, it has let me explore and indulge
my inner girly side :)   I am a closet romantic.   
Pictured here are photos of Paula and her beloved eventing partner
Gryphon who tragically was struck by lightning. Paula and Gryphon spent
ten years together and she will never be forgotten. Paula's current partners
are the adorable Norwegian Fjord ponies Frodo and Galianna
Anybody who sees Paula at shows will recognize this little guy - Mr. Darcy
the Clumber Spaniel.  He is Paula's mascot and goes everywhere with her.
He is a first rate companion and supervises every shoot :)  Mr. Darcy's
favorite activity is agility as can be seen in these pictures below taken by
Paula's sister Jennifer.

I shoot primarily digital with Canon EOS 1D Mark II N's with several back up
cameras.  For lens I pretty much use Cannon L line lens exclusively.   I am
completely neurotic about redundancy as far as having backups and always
bring way too much equipment to shoots.   I believe in buying the best
equipment possible, and having multiple backups in case the worst happens.

I have to admit that I am completely addicted to Adobe Photoshop and
photoshop actions.    Basically I buy everything that Kevin Kubota and
0ne-click Actions sell and consider them an integral part of my imaging
process.   I process with a Windows based platform and images are provided
on Windows platform DVDs (Vista or XP).
Equipment and Processing